Utilizing a combination of 19th century and contemporary photographic practices, my work looks to deconstruct social norms which dictate the way we live our lives. Particularly in regard to gender, identity, and domesticity.
Our lives are governed by rules, or guidelines, which have been constructed by the societies in which we live, or according to our own cultural and familial upbringing. These rules help us to navigate our day-to-day lives, establish our roles in our homes and communities, and help us to interact with each other as people.
My research spans many areas of discourse including feminism, masculinity studies, photographic history and theory, as well as critical analysis of how the themes of identity, gender, and domesticity are portrayed in popular culture and media.
I am questioning those social constructs through various visual modes including digital manipulation, alternative processes, and straight documentary photography. The resulting work does not present an answer, rather it is there to provoke the viewer to engage with an alternate way of thinking of the social constructions in which they live.