"Another photographer, Zachary P. Stephens, takes a playful approach to the still life with large-scale pictures of mundane home life. They suggest chaos more than stillness..."
"‘Are We There Yet?’ A Humorous Look at the Ups-And-Downs of Modern Parenting. Vermont photographer Zachary Stephen's new exhibit explores the 'challenges, stereotypes, and realities of suburban fatherhood..."
"Zachary Stephens’ Watching the Ice Melt is at once literal and figurative. He employs a direct process of placing various forms of ice onto photosensitive papers which transform into cyanotypes, creating abstract prints from the resultant melting patterns. Stephens’ vibrant, fanciful prints belie the fragility and transience of what they actually depict..." 
"In Are We There Yet? Zachary P. Stephens, a photographer with a photo-journalist background, has created a series of large format digital prints that are a lusciously hued and offbeat foray into the world of constructed reality. He has set out in this, his master’s thesis at Vermont College of Fine Art, to explore modern fatherhood..."
"Zachary Stephens will open an exhibit of his most recent photographic work at the Catherine Dianich Gallery, 139 Main St., Brattleboro on March 2, during Gallery Walk, with the opening reception taking place from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
The exhibit, entitled "Are We There Yet?," is the result of two years of study Stephens completed for his Master of Fine Arts degree from Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier..."
"MOST LIKELY, the name Zachary Stephens has a familiar ring if you’ve read the Brattleboro Reformer at all this past decade. Or if you were a student taking classes at the In-Sight Photography Project. Or if you knew someone who was..."
"Zach Stephens leans over a light table, examining a strip of negatives with one of his students. Even In this digital age, Zach is still intrigued by film. He is also passionate about introducing a new generation of young people to the art of photography..."